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ExcitusXtreme (V3.1)

  • Attention this version of ExcitusXtreme only runs under Alpha18.4 Stable

*IMPORTANT!! You need start New Random World. or one of the own Maps You have all the Prefabs in your Random Wolrd

ExcitusXtreme V3.1 is a very hard MOD with many surprises. The new V3.1 is even harder than the V2. Many new items and blocks have been added.

installation Server

download the link below and copy it in this structure on your server



*The Pineforest Fixed *HAB added *New Maps added *Lootlist fixed *Box have new Texture and add a lot *Radivin not heal ExcitusInfection *New Posters *The Perk Books now craftable *New Tablet for open Complet Inventory *New Flowers *New Granates *Walk Faster on Water and more...


You can find support and descriptions at: https://memolp.de

Information for this version can you find under: https://memolp.de/forum/main-forum


*thanks to Nachtschatten and Houzi for helping *guppy for new zombies, Flowers and green eyes and more *Bdubs for Vehicles *comar82 for Disamble Ammo *Macinvisible and Zyncosa for the nice new Traders *Xyth for Animals and more *Claymore for Stainless Steel back *MeanCloud for Cooper and Zink *Snukfin and Robeloto for new zombies and questsounds *Mallyhubz, Hubzki for HAB *Sirillion for Z2 – HUD *and everyone else I forgot